Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Creature Design Process

1. Create Background using different texture brushed. Make it lighter around the character for contrast. Use neutral value. 2. Create silhouette in a new layer. I use layer masking to keep my textures inside the silhouette. 3. Add textures to the silhouette. I look for reference pics with good highlight not caring about color. I airbrush the edges to blend the textures. 4. I use color layer to adjust color and I sketch over simple lines to enhance my textures. 5. Use overlay layer to adjust light / shadow. Create a layer of atmosphere and smoke add details to the silhouette. 6. Used liquify to adjust shapes and added the shapes to the head to balance the shapes as it was very bottom heavy. I used color dodge to pop the flame and highlights. Used chalk brush to blend and create soft edges. soft on the light side hard edge on the shadow side. smudged to create motion and done!