Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sunset Mech Process

1. Keeping it limited to warm palette, I painted in the ground and the sky. Used texture brushes and smudged to create some noise.
2. Started sketching in the mech using a hard edge brush at 100% opacity.  My main goal here was to create interesting negative space since if I keep the shape solid it would feel less mechanical..
3. Using the lasso tool I traced the sketch in to a more clean organized shape.  I layer masked the silhouette and did a gradient fill light to dark from top to bottom. Since the gradient fill established the mid value I proceed to indicate the light and shadow using round brush and photo texture (soft light layer)
4. I color dodged where the sun might be and changed the silhouette to show a soldier riding the mech.  I added highlights and glows using color dodge as well.
5. I painted in the stencils and small details. Added some dust. signed my name and Done.

I kept the layers very simple 4 layers all together - background layer, silhouette layer (I link layer mask to keep the painting inside the silhouette), color dodge layer, and dust layer. Hope you guys find this to be helpful.


Young Kim said...

Thank you for showing this process!

Tom McDowell said...

Yes, thank you, that was really interesting!

Jasbleidy Lopez said...

Hello dear ...
I have some stories illustrated, with them I would like to develop film into the medium of film or simply enter a artistic working group. Could you help me or contact someone? What should I do?
Here what I do:

Norman Hundert said...

Its really helpful!! Thanks for sharing this Steve..!!
Its always cool to keep things simple. :)