Thursday, August 11, 2011

45min. Painting Demo

This is one of my various techniques that I use to create a quick sketch. 45min. total.

I used different photos to collage a base for the painting using different layer options
I used lighten layer with a mask to get some city lights
started painting over and picking up some building details
created silhouettes with layer masking for the flying objectsUsed overlays and color dodges to enhance the focal point and push the light and darks.


Daniel Lim said...

I was there when this demo went down and I still couldnt believe what I was seeing!

Dario Coelho said...

You make it look so easy... Thank you for sharing, Steve!

Isaac Barrett said...

Sweet, gotta try this! Thanks for sharing!

Tom said...

very nice! will try!

Jason Scheier said...

Seriously amazing! I love the approach you have with your process.. It's great to see your step by step! Thanks for posting Steve :)