Thursday, October 28, 2010

Otis Class Demo

This was my class demo for my entertainment design class at Otis yesterday.
I had so much fun with this.
My class covers all aspects of entertainment design from characters, vehicles, to environment design.


Andy Jung said...

That's so awesome, Steve! You are a great inspiration to me! Thanks!

jabraniho said...

This is awesome Bro!
Keep rocking!


Dario Coelho said...

Hehe I remember Jennifer being a bit annoyed with you staying at the school, even after the class is over. "It's just so much fuuunn!!" :)

Great new work - still love the police mech!

Hope all is good in LA.
Greetings from the old country!


Robert Simons said...

Dammmm Beautiful work man =D

Mel メール said...

This is so cool!!!! Love it!